We’re passionate about unlocking the potential of people through innovative technology solutions.

About Us

The number one purpose of L&D is to help your organisation achieve its goals by developing employee capabilities.

We’re on a mission to empower your people with strategic impact focused L&D tools.

We’re a locally-based Canberra team, who launched in 2014.

Acorn helps HR, L&D, People Capability and Organisation Development leaders use data to prove their strategic impact through a distinct HR technology setup that combines digitised capability mapping and frameworks with learning management, experience and analytics.  

Acorn’s shift in thinking centres around capability-driven strategies, capabilities being the building blocks of an organisation that combine all the knowledge, skills, tools, processes and behaviours it needs to fulfil its business objectives.  

Customers use Acorn learning management system’s Capability feature to create or modify an existing framework based on their unique capabilities — as defined by and aligned to their business strategy. Organisations can then map their uniquely defined capabilities to content within the LMS through Acorn’s integrated network of third-party content providers. 

Acorn LMS is then used to create, host, and deliver the learning content that helps develop employees, with a full suite of reporting analytics to ensure KPIs are met.  

Here are our values and some of the things that set us apart.



We’re proud of what we’ve created, but we’re always working to evolve the platform. Our talented team of developers always have the end-user in mind and will never cease seeking continual improvement.



We never shy away from a challenge. In fact, it’s what drives us. Present us with a new problem, test, or trial, and we’ll strive to triumph and pave a path for progress. We’re all about reframing difficulties into opportunities, whether that’s rewriting the rules or approaching a barrier from a new perspective.



We take a personal approach to understand the unique and ever-changing needs of everyone that we work with. We know that every environment has its own culture, personality, and goals, and we provide a tailored, empathetic approach to delivering technical solutions to challenges.

Experience Acorn For Yourself

At Acorn, we’ve designed a system that supports organisations looking to invest in their most valuable asset – their employees. We take the time to learn about our one million (and counting) users to ensure our intuitive LMS is the right fit for them. Get in touch with one of our eLearning experts to chat about how Acorn can help achieve your goals.