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Acorn Learning Technology

External LMS

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For customer, partner, sales, association leaders and more

  • White-labeling and branding 

  • E-commerce capabilities 

  • Scalability and multi-tenancy 

  • Certification and accreditation management 

  • Access controls and permissions 

  • Advanced reporting and analytics

Internal LMS

From $3,000 per year

For employee learning needs

  • User-friendly interface 

  • Personalization and customization 

  • Deep 2-way integrations 

  • Advanced reporting and analytics 

  • Content packages available 

  • Content authoring available

Acorn Performance Technology

Capability Building

From $4,800 per year

For internal OD, learning teams and member associations

  • Capability Discovery 

  • Capability Directory 

  • Capability Templates (526 available) 

  • Capability Assessment 

  • Capability Development Plan 

  • Capability Development Education Mapping 

  • Capability Reporting

HR Workflow Automation

From $2,400 per year

For internal learning teams

  • Drag-and-drop workflow builder 

  • Customizable templates 

  • Conditional logic and branching 

  • Role-based access control 

  • Integration with existing HR systems 

  • Automated notifications and reminders 

  • Task assignment and delegation

Acorn Learning and Performance Platform

For enterprise organizations wanting performance-led internal learning.

Platform pricing starts from $10,800 per year.

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Compare Acorn LMS pricing plans below

Acorn Learning and Performance Platform
Key Features External LMS Internal LMS Capability Building HR Workflow Automation
Assignments Engine X X
Asynchronous (Instructor-led) X X
Asynchronous (Self-paced) X X
Attendance Tracking X X
Automated Report Scheduling X X
Blended Learning X X
Certificate Management X X
Cohort Learning (Collaborative / Synchronous Learning) X X
Gamification X X
Learning Pathways X X
Live Learning Management X X
Mobile App X X
Multilanguage Support X X
Multi-Tenancy Management X X
Onboarding X
Payments X X
Reporting & Analytics including Dashboards X X
Resources, Videos, Programs and Pages X X
Reusable PPTs, PDFs, Videos X X
Self-Registration X
Shopping cart X X
Social Learning X X
Tests Engine X X
Video Conferencing Integration X X
xAPI / TinCAn / SCORM compliance X X
API integrations X X
Whitelabelling X X
Headless X
Capability Discovery X
Capability Library & Templates X
Capability Assessment X
Capability Development Plan X
Capability Development Plan Education Mapping X
Drag-and-drop workflow builder X
Customizable templates X
Conditional logic and branching X
Role-based access control X
Automated notifications and reminders X
Task assignment and delegation X
Real-time progress tracking X
Mobile and desktop accessibility X
Collaboration and communication tools X
Document and file management X
Electronic signature support X
Process versioning and change management X
Advanced security and data protection X
Customizable reporting and analytics X

Learning management system price and features above. The guiding principles so you know the humans behind Acorn below.

Acorn Pricing Principles​

Every company works to live their values, right? Here’s how we use ours to benefit you with published pricing principles that give you confidence, transparency, fairness and an effortless experience engaging with us.​

Transparency, Our No Hoop Jumping Policy

Access pricing details instantly, tailored to your needs.

Straightforward access, no sales calls or supplier qualification required.

Learning for Good

Part of our mission is to drive change, empowering non-profit organizations to achieve their goals.

To support positive global impact, we offer customized pricing for non-profit organizations.

No Compulsory Platform Fee

Only pay for what you need, beginning with a smaller scope and expanding over time. All customers get access to necessary adminstrative features.

After effectively integrating our multiple modules, you have the option to utilize our platform rate for additional value and cost savings.

Cutting-Edge Infrastructure Choices

We're committed to expanding regional multi-tenant environments to accommodate your internal data hosting policy needs (Canada, USA, UK, Australia and more to come).

We offer dedicated tenants for customers with isolated data hosting policies.

Enjoy Savings with Volume Purchases

We understand your responsibility to secure the most beneficial deal for your organization at a reasonable cost.

As your usage and spending increase, we ensure discounts while maintaining sufficient profits for product innovation and customer success investment.

Proportional Pricing for Deployment

Have you ever questioned paying for software licenses during implementation when they're not fully utilized?

We share your concern. In the first year of our contracts, select the number of licenses for rollout and reduce expenses by syncing your deployment plans with bundled licensing.

Discounts on Multi-Year Contracts

By providing 1-year contract terms, we aim to reduce administrative costs for all involved.

A 3-year contract allows us to better strategize our product investments, and in return, we provide discounts on multi-year contracts. Rest assured, 1-year contracts are also available, ensuring a pressure-free choice.

Personalized Client Success Programs

Our dedication to success is proven by our track record, with 98% of our initial customers still partnering with us.

Acorn is designed for user-friendliness and adaptability, and we understand the distinction between a software introduction and genuine deployment projects.

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LMS key features designed to not just enable you to do your job, but get you promoted.

FAQs for Acorn learning management system price.

How long does it take to implement Acorn?

8 weeks is the average. But this can swing greatly depending on data migrations, priorities on your side, complexity of integrations and more. We offer pro-rated licence fees so you don't pay any unnecessary user fees if there are some delays.

How do you define active user in a month?

A user who interacts with the Acorn system within a given calendar month. An interaction is initiated when a user logs into the system or if the system interacts with the user through notifications, such as due date and refresher workflows.

What are your payment terms?

Our most common payment terms customers go for is implementation fee upfront and then annual billing. Outside of this, we match up payment terms with your budget cycles. The main point we stress here is that our aim is to be as flexible as is reasonable.

Can I do add-ons at a later stage? Will there be a penalty in time or monetary terms?

Definitely, there are no penalties applied and the platform rate is always available. We charge the same rate whether you proceed with the add-on now or in 6 months. 

Why don't you charge an implementation fee?

We have a 98% customer retention rate because we focus on your success with Acorn. We know you get a lot more value when implementations go smoothly and in return, we know our customers stay with us longer.

How come your integrations start from only $1,000 and you can build new ones so quick?

Integrations ensure you have a good experience with Acorn, and we don't want to penalize you for it. We can build new ones thanks to our best practice approach to our APIs. 

Call us today to chat with one of our product experts and learn how Acorn can personalize your learners experience.