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Partner Training LMS

Grow partner revenue whilst reducing time to first sale and partner customer acquisition cost. Who knew an LMS could enable this?

Why is Acorn the favoured LMS for partner training?


See time to first sale fall dramatically and consistently.


Smash through partner revenue targets with ease.


Watch how partner customer acquisition cost drops.

Benefits for Employees

Efficient LMS features built for partner training

Engaged Partners

Build and deliver multi-format learning for high-efficiency partner experience.

Gamification for the Win

Engage and motivate partners with leading gamification to drive engagement.

Empower Partners

Guide and empower partners through a full digital and self-paced experience.

Take Control

The dashboard gives you total clarity and peace of mind over your partner training.

Start delivering exceptional partner education now.

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Capterra: LMS Best Value 2021

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Partner training common questions:

Acorn is an onshore, cloud-hosted service that is IRAP assessed to a protected level. Acorn is regularly penetration tested by third parties. Acorn meets ISO 27001, ISM, SOC and several other security standards.

Acorn can be installed on any domain. We just need access to the client’s desired domain, or we can acquire a domain or give them a subdomain of acornlms.

Acorn has site-wide rebranding capabilities including custom branding and colours on system-generated materials such as certificates.


Yes, users can utilise our messaging system which is 100% within the LMS. Administrators can also send emails to certain groups, such as a Live Learning.

Yes, Acorn features a powerful quiz/testing tool with a high-level of customisability such as a range of question formats, timed releases. (Quizzes are really powerful but confusing so most people find they need extra training.)

Acorn supports SCORM v1.2 with compatibility of HTML and Tincan xAPI coming soon.

Acorn is widely compatible with different platforms such as Aurion, Xero, and LinkedIn Learning. (We can pretty much integrate with any platform that integrates with Moodle but also can use REST API and custom develop APIs for other platforms.)

Throughout our scoping process, our development team will gain an understanding of your immediate and future needs. We recognise there are processes that need to take place before the launch of your Acorn LMS, so this is where we will gather past records, completions, users and more to upload previous history into the LMS.

Acorn enables administrators to create a range of activities including quizzes, forums, feedback forms and various resources to support user engagement and learning.

  • Onboarding doc
  • Scoping process
  • Devs implement necessary records, API’s and integrations
  • Admins get access to instance to do testing
  • UAT
  • Launch


When partners win, you win.

The value of a partner training LMS and how to find the right one 

Working with channel partners, a key goal is they accurately represent your brand and products. Like your in-house sales teams, your partners will need sales training to ensure maximum profitability from the relationship. This is where a learning management system (LMS) for channel partner training comes into play. 

Starting with a leading channel partner training program for onboarding new partners to your network, then a mechanism to distribute partner-focused training. This is where an LMS for partner training comes in, but how do you select the best learning platform for your business? 

Let's dive in to everything you need to know about a partner training learning management system. 

What is partner training? 

The simple answer, training of your GTM channel partners. The idea is to help your channel partners stay on top of all the best processes, with supporting documentation, to represent your product or service optimally.

Why is partner training important? 

Your partners are not in-house employees (that is, people who are employed within your company), which means they miss out on the engagement and morale-boosting environment your in-house employees are able to enjoy. Partner training should provide this. Helping them to feel included rather than like outsiders will ensure their motivation and improve their working relationship with you and your company. 

What is a learning management system (LMS)? 

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application (or cloud-based application) for educational courses. They gather, store and deliver training materials and programs for online courses. An LMS allows for fully automated learning tailor-made for your organisation to be delivered to your employees. 

What is a partner training LMS? 

A partner training LMS is a learning management system that hosts all the relevant material you need to ensure your channel partners are up to date on the latest processes and practices. It covers onboarding as well as ongoing training regarding procedures, products and brand messaging. 

Why use an LMS for partner training? 

Unlike your own in-house team, you don't know that your partner's employees are able to uphold your brand promises or values. Channel partners require onboarding if you want them to be an effective partner in business. This is where an LMS comes in. It will deliver partner training that will enable consistent brand-messaging and benefits across the board. 

Let's dive into these benefits of using an LMS for partner training.

Improved learning experience 

No one wants their learning experience to be dry or boring. This is why choosing an LMS for your partner training program is the first step towards a better learning experience. 

We've all been there: Sitting through hours of un-engaging learning and not absorbing or retaining any new information. But our engagement increases the better the learning experience is, and the more engaged we are the more motivated we are to continue to participate in our courses. 

Convenient and flexible 

Some partners, like some of your own employees, may be based remotely. Ergo, they'll be unable to receive in-house training. With an LMS you can do away with the "classroom-based" training style and switch to online learning instead, which can deliver the same quality of content as well as specific courses relevant to your organisation. 

Traditional training programs tend to take up more time, not just for participants, but the organisers as well. Using an LMS means your channel partners can lower training costs and instructor expenses that come with traditional learning. It also means your channel partners can create training time that most conveniently fits in with their schedules. 

Increased ROI 

You want your channel partners to deliver on brand promises and assist your business in marketing and sales, which can only happen if they're aligned with your business strategy and priorities. An LMS will help you partners reach competency in product knowledge and brand messaging, allowing for cohesion with your brand strategy. 

With your channel partners' capabilities aligned with that of your in-house sales team, you'll be able to use advanced reporting to track and measure results, finding increased productivity and a better return on investment. 

What to consider when purchasing a partner training LMS 

It's not a simple matter of picking any old LMS and slapping it in place. You need to ensure you have the best partner training LMS for your organisation and its channel partners. This means considering: 

Let's take a look at what you should consider before purchasing an LMS platform for partner training. 

User-friendly experience 

When looking for an LMS, you'll want to find one that provides leading user experience. Think of a platform with a user-friendly interface and the ability to create your own training programs for channel partner enablement. This way you can ensure your partner training is built on the most relevant courses that will strengthen the alignment between your channel partners and your business strategy. 

You also need to consider that poor channel partner training programs won't employ gamification, but gamification benefits your ability to hit partner targets by increasing engagement and motivation. We all have better success at retaining learning if we're engaged by the content, but an LMS that isn't user-friendly will have a hard time engaging users. You'll want to consider how an LMS holds up in terms of providing an appealing learning experience to its users. 


Your employees might all be located in the same office, but your partners' employees won't be. Some partners might even be located in different cities, making it impractical—or even impossible—to receive in house onboarding and training. 

With an LMS you can ensure all partners in your channel network receive quality training which they can access remotely. 

Customisable and integrable 

It's essential that your partner training program is tailored to your organisation, its products and its business strategy. If you don't create a unique customised training program for your channel partners, you'll just be providing training that has no quantifiable benefit to your business. 

Given that your network will assist in sales and marketing, it's important that you deliver business strategy together. But if your channel partner training isn't customised for your specific needs, you won't have success in delivering on your strategic priorities. 

You'll want an LMS that can be tailor-made to suit your business needs. This means using a platform that allows LMS administrators to access and manage online courses and set the relevant learning to drive efficient partner-focused training. 

Progress reports 

Partner training isn't something you can just set and forget. Online learning is a pointless activity to performance management if you aren't going to track learning. You want your partners to achieve competency in product knowledge, sales and understanding of your brand-messaging, but you won't know if they're on track if you can't follow their progress. This is why progress reports are important to understanding where your partners are currently and where they're headed in terms of learning. 

Key takeaways 

When it comes to training your channel partner network, you want to make sure your partners are being provided with the best training programs available. It's a key step towards making sure your channel partners are well-versed in your product, brand and strategy in order to hit your partner targets. Choosing the right learning management system to bridge the gap between your business and your partners is crucial to the success of your channel partner program.