Acorn vs TalentLMS: An LMS Comparison

So, you’re looking for an LMS. And amongst the sales and marketing jargon you find on company websites, you want to know the details that define the difference between options like AcornLMS and TalentLMS.

Both are cloud-based solutions with a strong portfolio of clients, but there are some not-so-subtle differences in features, functionality and product roadmaps when you start to look closer.

Well then, what is the big point of difference between Acorn and TalentLMS?

The most telling difference is in our goals.

For those who are looking for a simple, easy-to-use online learning platform, TalentLMS is a great pick with many features and integrations you’ll find across the eLearning board. And we’d like to give a nod to the TalentLMS team, because they’ve built a solid product for delivering eLearning.

Our team takes a holistic view of the virtual learning environment, because we want our platform to change your organisation for the better. Acorn functions laterally, using eLearning as the foundation for onboarding and offboarding, talent and performance management, workforce planning, and professional development.

Need a little more technical info? We unpack it for you below.

User interface

Good UI leads to good UX, and giving users control makes them comfortable and more likely to come back for more. That’s why we designed Acorn’s user interface with a healthy mix of visual context and enough white space to ensure a responsive design across devices, so users can learn anywhere, anytime, and on the device of their choice. TalentLMS also sticks to this more-is-less approach to space and colour, but relies more on text—which ultimately eats up a little more of that prime screen real estate as the screen size gets smaller.

Within Acorn, there’s also logical movement from page to page, and dashboards that cater to each user role: reporting shows the most pertinent learning metrics, the content catalogue sorts and filters all relevant coursework, and the homepage is tailored to present individualised user information. This intuitive nature ensures there’s no steep learning curve for users, and that it’s optimised for both learners and admin.

Ease of use

We’ll admit it: we want to hold your hand… through implementation and maintenance. Support is available to our clients via phone, email, ticket and face-to-face meetings at the frequency of their choosing. A dedicated Customer Relationship Manager is always available to handle queries, and if clients are after a quick fix-it, our detailed wiki is updated fortnightly with patch notes. TalentLMS offers three support plans, though a CRM is available only with a premium plan. They’ve got a handy live chat too, accessible through a package deal.

Features & integrations

We know a great benefit of the virtual learning environment is the access to external subject matter experts and automation of manual processes that integrations provide. TalentLMS offers some integrations, but you’ll need Zapier to integrate with popular third party applications like Shopify, Gmail, Slack and Mailchimp. Integrations are part and parcel of the Acorn ecosystem, particularly with existing internal systems (such as HRIS and payroll) that make tracking, reporting on and spotlighting learning data easier.

Plus, being Australian-based and hosted means we understand the ins and outs of digital security. We’re all over the big ticket items (e.g. IRAP assessment ) and the systemic requirements (like IP blockers ), which a global company like TalentLMS might not be fully accustomed to.


TalentLMS has a free trial to try before you buy, so can ensure you’re making the right choice. They’re admittedly one of the least expensive options on the market, though often a low price means something is being produced quickly and cost-effectively. But, cost effective doesn’t necessarily equate to quality and, trust us, there’s no bias when we say software isn’t something that can be rushed or done on the cheap. Plus, to access a lot of their features, integrations and support, you’ll need to pay for their premium plans—which is where cost starts to add up, particularly on top of paying for user access.

Though we make payment simple with a monthly fee based on number of users, Acorn is the more expensive choice. But that’s because we believe online learning should be an end-to-end process, which is why we don’t cap our prices or charge you for features and integrations we’ve developed for you, and we provide a level of support TalentLMS don’t.

See why businesses love AcornLMS

In our short eight years, we’ve retained 100% of our near 100 clients—and their collective 1 million users—because we take the time to ensure Acorn is the best fit for them.

Acorn is a multi-tenant, cloud-based LMS, designed with the future of your organisation in mind. The intuitive platform provides eLearning opportunities throughout recruitment and onboarding to continual professional development and can be seamlessly integrated with any existing HR and payroll systems.

Alongside a dedicated Customer Success Manager and Product Manager, our support team are always on hand to ensure each of Acorn’s features function to achieve your specific learning goals.

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Bonus: Take home

Here’s a closer look at some of the finer points of difference between Acorn and TalentLMS.

Comparison between acorn and talentlms

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