Clever tools to help people work better.

Clever tools to help people work better.

We have all of the necessary tools to make providing the best corporate training as easy as possible.

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Quick, convenient course creation

We make it fast and easy to set up the courses that you need in the format that’s right for you. Want to port in your own videos? Easy. Prefer external content? Done. Structure content yourself or use authorising tools to quickly populate SCORM or TinCan content. Tailor the course delivery to suit your needs by incorporating blended learning and face to face training. The choice is yours, and you can have content live and usable as soon as possible.

Personalised Learning Experiences

Everyone learns differently, so we’ve created a platform that gives you the freedom to create learning paths to suit the unique needs of your team. Easily design and tailor workflows with our user-friendly administration dashboard, and customise capability plans for each user using third-party training providers like LinkedIn Learning.

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Designed with you in mind

Acorn LMS is completely white-labelled, which means it can be customised to reflect your business. Streamline your systems and ensure that your team are familiar in their learning environment by using your own branding, look and feel.

Stress-free implementation

Setting up and using Acorn LMS is easy. Use and manage multiple tenancies under the one Administration view, and enjoy single sign-on capabilities — because who has time to remember multiple passwords?

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Manage, measure and report

Track your team’s progress and performance and get access to a user-friendly database of information. Make better decisions based on data that reflects the skills and needs of your people.

On-the-go learning

Give your team the freedom to learn when and where they please with full accessibility. Our platform is mobile-ready, so you and your staff will never miss a training session.

A positive employee experience

A positive employee experience

Attract and retain the right people by providing the best experience for your team. Automate your onboarding process to make sure that new staff members are off to the best start possible. We’ll help you with useful capabilities like automated checklists for managers welcoming new staff. We can even send out text messages to help people complete security compliance training before they get started. With the ability to provide team members with automate updates around their learning, your staff will always feel engaged.

Advanced data protection

No matter what your security requirements, Acorn has you covered. You’ll work over a secure communication channel with enforced strong passwords and robust data security.

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Build capabilities, not just skills, in your workforce

Delivering capability development based on business goals is the difference between strategic L&D teams and non-strategic. But it’s not easy to do without a digital enabler. That’s where Acorns Capabilities come in. Either import, or set-up a template capability framework, create cohorts to condense your organisational chart into impactful groups and then easily map content & cohorts to your capabilities.

Use our library of capability framework templates

Building a capability framework used to be a huge undertaking, often requiring external (paid) help. To then sit on a shelf. Not anymore. Here at Acorn, we have collated and created, then digital uploaded, the best of the best in capability frameworks. Meaning you have one ready to go, and edit to your exact requirements, at your fingertips.

Take a look at our full feature list and technical specs.

Check The Specs

Want to see more of what Acorn can do? Take a look at our full feature list and technical specs.

Experience Acorn For Yourself

At Acorn, we’ve designed a system that supports organisations looking to invest in their most valuable asset – their employees. We take the time to learn about our one million (and counting) users to ensure our intuitive LMS is the right fit for them. Get in touch with one of our eLearning experts to chat about how Acorn can help achieve your goals.