Acorn is a secure, cloud-based service that undergoes regular third-party security assessments to ensure its robustness. We adhere to industry best practices and standards to safeguard your data and maintain a high level of security.

Acorn can be installed on any domain, we just need access to the clients wanted domain, or we can acquire a domain or give them a subdomain of acornlms.

Acorn has site wite rebranding capabilities including custom branding and colours on system generated materials such as certificates.


Yes, users can utilise our messaging system which is 100% within the LMS, admins can also send emails to certain groups such as a Live Learning.

Yes, Acorn features a powerful quiz/ testing tool with a high-level of customisability such as a range of question formats, timed releases. (Quizzes are really powerful but confusing most people need extra training)

Acorn supports SCORM v1.2 with compatibility of HTML and Tincan xAPI coming soon.

Acorn is widely compatible with different platforms such as Aurion, Xero, LinkedIn Learning. (We can pretty much integrate with any platform that integrates with Moodle but also can use REST API and custom develop API’s for other platforms)

Throughout our scoping process our development team will gain an understanding of your immediate and future needs, we recognise processes that need to take place before the launch of your Acorn LMS, this is where we will gather past records, completions, users, etc and upload previous history into the LMS.

Acorn enables admins to create a range of activities including quizzes, forums, feedback forms and a range of resources to support user engagement and learning.

  • Onboarding doc
  • Scoping process
  • Devs implement necessary records, API’s and integrations
  • Admins get access to instance to do testing
  • UAT
  • Launch


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