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How Does Institutionalised Learning and Best Practice Sharing Build Organisational Capability?

institutionalised learning and best practice sharing

Institutionalised learning—or capability academies—is learning focused on building capabilities through processes, programs, events and developmental assignments. It’s designed to give employees the exposure and experiences needed to grow professionally and develop their capabilities. 

What are the benefits of institutionalised learning and best practice sharing on building organisational capability? 

Best practice capability academies aren’t just about learning the capabilities needed to perform your own job. They focus on the organisational capabilities needed to meet business goals. There are a few benefits to using these capability academies for your organisational capability building:

The challenges of capability academies when building organisational capability 

Like all activities related to developing your workforce and business, building a capability academy for your organisation doesn’t come without its challenges. 

The impacts of not using institutionalised learning or best practice sharing on building organisational capability 

Capability academies are designed specifically to address gaps in organisational capabilities through experiences, events, assignments, and programs. It’s best practice for delivering learning as it helps employees retain information through constant activity and use. 

Without a developed capability academy, this collection of experiences and contribution from leaders and peers is lost. A content library of courses is one thing, but it doesn’t beat the benefits of the hands-on learning and feedback. Your business will be disadvantaged by having a workforce possessing the right organisational capabilities in theory rather than in practice.

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