Acorn vs SAP Litmos: An LMS Comparison

sap litmos vs acorn lms


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There are a lot of good names in the eLearning industry and SAP Litmos is up there. So, how do you distinguish between so many good options? With a comparison of features, vendor support and pricing, of course. We’ll start you off with a look at SAP Litmos vs Acorn LMS.

But first: what is the defining difference between Acorn and SAP Litmos?

Litmos is a cloud-based learning platform that combines pre-packaged content and content management with learning management. Acorn is an end-to-end virtual learning environment, encompassing onboarding, training, professional development and workforce planning. We take a holistic approach to eLearning, because we know it’s the key to strategic workforce planning.

While Litmos’ parent company SAP is German—meaning they’re not based in Australia, nor would your data be. We’re based in Australia, so you can be sure we’re subject to the relevant national security requirements like IRAP compliance, and that your data is hosted in

Keep reading for a comparison into some of the more crucial aspects of the Litmos and Acorn learning management systems.

SAP Litmos vs Acorn: User interface

A clean, simple learner interface is exactly what you get from a platform literally designed for learning like Litmos is. Courses are easy to navigate and the UI itself can be customised to organisational branding, making the platform an all-round learner-driven environment.

Litmos does offer different UI views for admin and users, so there’s a clear distinction between the system privileges of each. As an end-to-end process, Acorn’s UI is optimised for all user roles, including learners, admin, facilitators and content creators. We understand administrators want the same digestible and logical UI as learners, so not to complicate the added functionalities they are granted. Acorn’s learning curve is therefore insanely low (if we do say so ourselves)—because we don’t want to be accruing tech debt on our end by making hotfixes for our clients or charging them for said fixes.

SAP Litmos vs Acorn: Ease of use

Phone, email, ticket, community site: Litmos has an impressive number of ways of getting in contact with their support team. Implementation is fast, so there’s no beating around the bush when kicking your eLearning journey off—something we’re also proud to offer at Acorn, as a cloud-based solution.

On the flip side, a community site means that any fixes put forth by the people are prioritised against one another, regardless of urgency. We take a more personalised approach to support, making ourselves available via phone, email, ticket, face-to-face meetings and even if you slide into our DMs. A dedicated Customer Relationship Manager is around to hold clients’ hands for the entire lifespan of their time with Acorn, not least because we’re clingy but mainly because we care to do all the hard tech yards so your UX is smooth as can be.

SAP Litmos vs Acorn: Features & integrations

All of Acorn’s enhancements are put through rigorous quality assurance testing as part of our product roadmap. This is so our clients not only achieve their projected ROI with Acorn, but so they can understand the continual benefits of the platform.

Acorn offers features like workforce planning, advanced reporting and learning pathways to motivate learners through their online training. We’ve also curated a number of integrations that place the power in the end users’ hands, from third party content providers that add a wealth of subject matter expertise for learners to HRIS software that collates internal data for HR professionals.

Litmos integrates with many of these same third party APIs, but through a bundle that must be packaged with the standalone LMS. They also don’t offer crucial future-proofing tools like workforce planning as Litmos are owned by SAP, and can only offer SAP-branded products. This also means that any future developments will be decided by the owner (SAP) and not the actual platform clients are using (Litmos).

SAP Litmos vs Acorn: Pricing

As both Acorn and Litmos are cloud-based LMS, both are scalable with minimal to no disruption to eLearning. Not only do you get what you pay for with Acorn, you can see what you’re paying for. We charge monthly per user and there are no hidden fees or premium-priced upgrades to your plan, because we don’t want you to have to budget for a feature both beneficial to your organisation and crucial for another to work.

Co-dependent features spaced across pricing plans (LMS, LMS bundled with content library or content library alone) means you’ll likely have to pay a little extra for Litmos—and that may come as a shock too, since their pricing isn’t readily available. This could mean either their pricing is more expensive than the product is worth, or they don’t have a concrete or inclusive pricing plan. Transparency is an important value to the Acorn team, which is why you can see our pricing here.

Bonus: Take home

Here’s a closer look at some of the finer points of difference between Acorn and SAP Litmos.

Comparison between acorn and sap litmos

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